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[+35] Honorary Member

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Skrevet - 05 Aug 2001 :  23:48:50  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked
For those who don't know me as admin... Here are some ground rules.

1. I don't give a f0ck...

2. I hate spammers for other than friendly clans. I don't f0cking wanna know your ICQ number and I don't wanna know about your newbie clan. Make people respect you by playing well and helping newbies. [*DRUNK*] has been in three leagues where we made it to the top ten listing in two of them (one with 260 clans one with 30). [*DRUNK*] has gone to the CPL makeing the 18th place out of 40. Your clan hasn't done sh!t and we don't give a f0ck about your newly started clan.
DON'T EVER TRY TO SPAM. Punishment : Ban (X weeks)
Try to talk me out of it (see 1)

3. Tking. Tk'ers who join and Tk at the first round get banned.
Punishment. Ban (Permanent).
Any Tk at any base results in a ban if you don't respond to me (see 1.).

4. Excessive camping. (Camping doesn't include bomb or bombspot protecting as CT on a bombmap, or camping hostages in a rescue map.) Camping DOES include camping in non-effective spots. Examples: The cable car CT spot at alpin, the spot where u can jump to on alpin, T basecamping on Dust AND any other map. Punishment: kick /ban for a set period.

5. Listen to me when I warn you. If you don't listen see 1.

6. Learn English. This game is in English. Adept or don't play it.

7. Swearing at other players for more than a few minutes. I don't give a sh!t about who does what or who says what. (See 1). If you hate each other goto ICQ and call each other names there. This does not include the foreplay I have with Spiff or any other [+35] member. >:)

8. Don't ever disrespect me OR +35 and especially not on THEIR server. People are ranked here. To make this easy to understand I'll make a list.

I. All 35 clan members
II. Me.
III. All friendly clans of +35.
IV. All frequent players on the server.
V. Funny people.
VI. You.

Clear now ? If you insult anyone higher than you you stand a chance of getting banned/kicked.


Edited by - [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER on 2001 Sep 04 01:06:54

[+35] Clan Founder, [+35] Member of COW

2843 Posts

Skrevet - 07 Aug 2001 :  17:57:43  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]DiNO's hjemmeside

For those who don't know me as admin... Here are some ground rules.

Looks for me like a true Admin "rules"

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[+35] co-Clan Founder, [+35] Member of COW

4556 Posts

Skrevet - 08 Aug 2001 :  16:27:06  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]6-shooter_X's hjemmeside  Klik for at se [+35]6-shooter_X's MSN Messenger adresse

1. I don't give a fuck...


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Friend of [+35]

238 Posts

Skrevet - 08 Aug 2001 :  16:37:49  Vis profil  Besøg Lecaf's hjemmeside
do you want a small mail bomb gf ?.....just a tiny .........
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[+35] co-Clan Founder, CG Piccolo

19 Posts

Skrevet - 08 Aug 2001 :  18:50:11  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]Lucky's hjemmeside  Klik for at se [+35]Lucky's MSN Messenger adresse
Mail bomb Grave......NOOOOOO
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