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 This mysterious clan :)
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Skrevet - 18 Sep 2001 :  14:43:15  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked
Hey guys time for another brilliantly written piece of text :P

I wanna talk about [*DRUNK*]'S mother clan for a while now ...

This is off course a mysterious clan that includes people from all over Europe and a few from America.

As you all know [*DRUNK*] has spawned a few clans itself :)
Masked Clan, TUFF Clan, [MID] Clan and a about 3 other clans that have come up and died) and off course SoA.
That means that this mysterious clan actually has quite a few clans as grandsons/daughters :)

Their members are all k00l people and they way they recruit seems to insure that no irritating people can come in. Just like in [*DRUNK*] this happened in this clan too regrettably :(
But as far as I could see they have fixed it pretty well.

There is something else special about this clan :)
They are mostly old people, the kind off people that live in old people's homes and don't have the ability to wash themselves LOL.

I'm talking about [+35] off course >:)

It's a bit late to write this but than again I'm always late, hehe.
I had the pleasure to meet almost all of these old people and well they actually managed to not piss in their pants for a whole weekend !!
No nurses were on the scene to help them so this might explain why ...

Well all these guys were the koolest considering I only met them online. As I said before the quiet people were also very quiet in real live, hehe .. Like Dino and Saxo. Others like Boss and Zeepra were quite noisy, just like on the server :)

The only people I personally missed were spiff (duh) and at the time I forgot about sheep, but I would have loved to meet you man :)
To bad I couldn't give Boss a headshot during paintball :(

Well thinking back now I had a great coupla days. Everything was well planned.
Maybe you ask yourself; Why is Gravey talking about this AGAIN ? :)
Well because I don't see that very often, a whole clan meeting each other in a members house no less !

Well maybe this is only a rare thing in Holland as I don't hear this happening here often. As I play on 35 I hear lots of Danish clans talk about it though.. That's pretty damn kool :)

Well I wanna say that if everyone wants to come to Amsterdam next year I can hopefully arrange to rent a big community center somewhere :)

We could start with a paintball match in the Red Light District...
Than we can do a "who can inhale the most weed" contest.
Following with a traditional "get as [*DRUNK*] as you can" contest >:)

I'll be happy to organise this if ya'll wanna take the time to come over here.
You guys can rent a big fat bus that can hold about 30 people and 1 pig LOL.

Lemme know if this is a good idea :)

Adios guys,

Gravey Poo, that old pimp daddy :)

PS - Hunt, Rage, Spiff, Zeepra, Boss, Lecaf, Gotcha, Ranger and Zombie are my bitchez >:)

We rock your world

[+35] Server Admin, [+35] Member of COW - G5

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Skrevet - 19 Nov 2001 :  14:43:16  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]Jumpman's hjemmeside
Damm that’s sound great i will come to Amsterdam next year and so will some of my members, i have driver license to rent a bus and some of my members have it to, then you can show us Amsterdam and all the funny coffee shops he he i have never been in Amsterdam so i will come 3 days before if you decided to arrange something he he

[DISA]Jumpman - ClanLeader

Edited by - [DISA]Jumpman on 2001 Nov 19 16:11:45
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[+35] Soldier

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Skrevet - 25 Nov 2001 :  03:57:47  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]Dr.Zeepra[Wa]'s hjemmeside  Send [+35]Dr.Zeepra[Wa] en ICQ besked  Klik for at se [+35]Dr.Zeepra[Wa]'s MSN Messenger adresse
LoL ;-) ....well..Sam..that sound sweet...but wont the pimp's go awol when we shoot their hoe's??...I mean...what pimp would want a buch of guys shooting paint at his hoe's...and then these guys come over to whipe of the paint of the hoe's breasts :-))

But anyways...sure sound way k00l..but..redlight district? ..I mean..we have "old" folks(DiNO, PatG, Boss...Ole(oh wait..he only looks old) ) with us..we wouldnt want them to get a cardiac arrest from driving through there..(you get the picture)...

And for the place to stay? ...your mom's house? LoL...I think she'd be pissed if 30 guys came over to "spend the night" :))

But hey..I am all for it...way to go if you do it :)

Zeepra of +35 ]-)
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[+35] Clan Founder, [+35] Member of COW

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Skrevet - 27 Nov 2001 :  21:20:28  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]DiNO's hjemmeside

Hey guys time for another brilliantly written piece of text :P

This is off course a mysterious clan that includes people from all over Europe and a few from America.

Why the hell haven't I seen this before !

Only because Jumpman and Zeepra have answered recently I saw it.

I think it's a cool and good idea. When will you plan this event to take place ?


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[+35] Server Admin, [+35] Member of COW - G5

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Skrevet - 27 Nov 2001 :  22:14:56  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]Jumpman's hjemmeside
Yaaaaah very gooooood idea!!!!

We are some guys i clan [DISA] who have driver licens to rent a bus, maybe a dobble bus, then we can go camping LOL i mean that. 50 guys in a bus to Amsterdam 3 people drive the bus the rest drink a lot of beer then we go for a week come on guys may the force be with you all hope Sam make this lan we can always find a place to sleep if his mother don't want 50 guys in her hause please think about it this could be a great week for all friendly CS players damm hurry up waiting

[DISA]Jumpman - ClanLeader

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