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 CPL report .... (Yes Spiff is in it )
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Skrevet - 15 Dec 2001 :  11:35:16  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked
Hey guyz...
This is my diary of my CPL trip... Enjoy it :)

First day:

Before our departure from Amsterdam we had to undergo an interview with a security guard.
He asked us all kinds of questions except the important ones (are you a terrorist; do you know the Redneck Rebel Spy, who calls himself Spiff; are you carrying drugs, alcohol or explosives; are you a part of a world wide drugs / alcohol syndicate ). They DID ask us what we (I went with Kuntakinte a.k.a. Martijn) do for a living, what we would be doing in the US, who we knew there and how we got to know them).
After a fierce debate with the whole security squad they decided to let us through, phew .

We got into Detroit just in time to miss our connecting flight. We only missed it in 1 f0cking minute, good start.
Detroit's airport looked ghetto, the whole city looked brown and very very depressing (now I know why Eminem is always so pissed at everything, if I had to live there I would be pretty pissed too).
We had a drink in the local airport café. After 3 hours of waiting we could board the next plane. So we arrived at 2400 at Dallas / Fort Worth Airport, which looked a LOT better than the shitty Detroit airport (I’m spoiled for having Schiphol as airport, it won the European prize for best airport twice the last two years).

We met [*DRUNK*]’s US general LOKI (Brian) and his wife Jennifer. As expected they were k00l peeps. We still had to drive for 4 hours (we were dead after that .
We went to bed at 430 something….

Next few days:

We met [*DRUNK*]Ganex, who was in possesion of a Matrix style coat. I tried to steal that jacket from him but he was too big .
We also met [*DRUNK*][FED]Vagrant and [FED]Tonan who have been Brian’s personal sexslaves for quite some time. We met [*DRUNK*]Ball and Malakai who are much nicer in person than when they talk to you via internet .
Present were some at Brian’s LAN [ATF] guyz, guyz with some very very good zkillz. (ATF would get beaten at the CPL by [At] ). We also met soon to be (hopefully) [*DRUNK*]E’s Priest, TouchOf Death and Vassily Jung. We got beaten into the ground by the ATF guyz .

Me, Kunta, Jennifer, Tyson (Ganex), Jennifer’s stepdad and her uncle went shooting on day three. We shot a handgun, a .357 (Dirty Harry gun), an AK (MK to be precise) an M4, three sniper gunz (one of those was a Dragonov) and 4 shotties. We also did some skeet shooting. I emptied a 8 shot shotgun clip in record time on a skeet on the ground.

Now to CPL stuff…..

The first day we met [+35]Spiff… A Southern Woman’s sex symbol . He brought John (not so) Little with him who you guyz may know under CS name Herb. Spiff is one of the krewlest Redneck Rebels I ever had the pleasure to meet (and the only one so far ). He didn’t dare to play on the CPL LAN. He was afraid he would play as bad with low ping as with high ping. So that sucked . Aw well, he will have to play low ping SOMEDAY. Maybe he has some l33t zkillz.

We met the [*DRUNK*]E’s Hellspawn and Roachfood at the CPL. Hellspawn is a [*DRUNK*] who has been inactive for quite some time so I was surprised to see him at the CPL. This guy has a ’67 Mustang !!!!! F0cking sweeeeeeeeeeeet ! It was nice to see a classic car in such a good shape. On to Roachfood; he is one mental motherfucker. It seems he escaped out of a nuthouse to be with us at the CPL. He was one of the loudest people on the CPL. I think EVERYBODY got to know our clan name there because we were the loudest clan BY FAR !

I learned some l33t CS tricks; one of them is the fact that you can shoot under a crate in de_nuke if you camp in the corner. Another weird trick I heard of was the fact that if you shoot your deagle once and then reload, the next shots will be more accurate (I have NO WAY of checking this but most l33t guyz did this during the CPL).Another trick is the silent planting, there are spots that you can plant the bomb where it won’t make ANY sound. A sniping trick I heard about on the CPL is this one : If your strafing with your sniper rifle to the right and you spot your enemy… Strafe left a little; It will make you stop FULLY ! It will save you time because your shot is aimed on the target faster. The most IMPORTANT TRICK is the USE-button trick. If you jump, you are a easy target for people; they will just aim where you will land and your dead. Now the trick… If you jump and you see someone aiming at your landing spot, PRESS THE USE button! It will make you stop in MID-AIR !!!!!! So the person targeting you will now be able to shoot you as easily as making your FULL jump. Most things I had never heard of before so hopefully it will help improve all your zkillz. I also bought a Counter Strike Strategy Manual. Just check for Boos; Counter Strike.

As for our matches / scrimmages :

We got through the first round because Q-girls (an ALL-GIRLS clan) didn’t show up … GOD DAMN IT !!!! We had to play PWA, they seem to be one of Asia’s best clan’s. NOBODY on the CPL had ever heard about them so we thought we had a chance to beat them. Unfortunately we got assraped, bitchslapped etc etc… We lost 12-1. We had NO chance.

Our second team (team [*SPOOT*]) got buttfucked by the CPL referees. They had lost 5-7 the first round and were leading 3-1 in the second half of the map. Then something terrible happened. One of the official referees tripped on the power cables. He ripped out the power to two of the [*SPOOT*] team’s computers. The problem is that the referees didn’t PAUSE the game (as it’s supposed to happen when something like this happens in the 4th round… Those are OFFICIAL RULES ! Only CPL didn’t follow their own rules ). They had to restart, loosing ALL their money they got in the first 4 rounds of the second half. The other team won the restart of the second half. After the pistol round the other team was in a better position to win and they did. So to anyone reading this: DON’T LET ANYONE NEAR THE POWERCABLES IF YOUR PLAYING OFFICIAL LAN MATCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to our total record 9 –3 :

We beat [wfc] , V and [UGP] a CAL invite team ( CAL = Cyber Amateur League; the online version of the CPL.
We also played V on dust with unzoomed scouts. 24 Rounds of total chaos. I have the Demo’s somewhere for those interested

Losses include losses to [r3z] , [ATF] and [PWA]. The [ATF] and [r3z] clans were out of our league and we knew this. Our goal was to win one round against them and we succeeded WOOT.

Much props to:

Brian for letting us sleep at his house, for organizing the LAN at his house, Jennifer for being a perfect hostess.

We had lot’s and lot’s of fun with clan [wfc], V and [STD] clan. They got caught up (like me) in Roachfood’s crazy attitude. Crazy yelling people all over the CPL area was the outcome .

Andrea Ahles for interviewing us and writing about us in a Dallas / Fort Worth newspaper. Here’s the link :

If they already removed it ... Here's exactly the same thing but in our forum :

Everybody we had fun with.

No props to:

The American way of building a joint... OMG f0cking amateurs

Death wish to:

The official that kicked the f0cking powercord.
The random number generator that was used at the raffle at the end of CPL.

Some commercial stuff:

One day we ate at Eskimo Joe’s, it seems to be legendary in the US. We had Bacon and Cheese Fries there (The combination sounds weird but it’s GOOOOOOOD !) .

The CPL was sponsored by BAWLS, an energy drink with caffeine.
It’s an tastes owke but the cool part is they gave away a case at the first day and lots of bottles during the rest of the 4 days. Jokes like stop looking at my bawls and don’t touch my bawls have been heard four days long . I think the high caffeine level also influenced Roachfood a little too much .

CPL stuff:

We saw two incredible matches between NiP and [X3]. The first one on train was a hard fought victory for NiP. The second match was EXTREMELY close ! I’m not gonna give the ending away. This finale is worth watching !!!!
Download that and any other demo @ .

I also talked with the organiser of this event Mister Angel Munoz… I thanked him for making the CPL possible and invited him to smoke some weed with us in Amsterdam .
Hope he will dare to show up.......

We rock your world

Edited by - [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER on 2002 Apr 30 14:12:36

Friend of [+35]

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Skrevet - 15 Dec 2001 :  13:24:01  Vis profil  Besøg Margonaut's hjemmeside  Send Margonaut en ICQ besked

Wzup my Brother!!!

WOOT Story about your trip! I sure wanted to come too!!! Damn, i hate to be a minder!! Argh =/¤("?=#`=¤)/`%#...

Anywayz, i had a question... Did you meet anyone from the best clan in the world? infact, they are from Sweden! Kewl ha?

Here's the address to this neet Clan

Btw, the clans name is [NiP]...

It acctualy stood about them in the swedish newspaper the otherday! They told about the CPL, and how they won the first price!

--------------------------- Margo Out ---------------------------

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[+35] Honorary Member

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Skrevet - 15 Dec 2001 :  14:47:01  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked

Yes I met NiP .. I sat next to them while they were talking strats. I talked to one of their groupies but that's it... One of those NiP fuckers also won a price in the CPL raffle at the last night

We rock your world

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[+35] Clan Founder, [+35] Member of COW

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Skrevet - 15 Dec 2001 :  15:41:39  Vis profil  Besøg [+35]DiNO's hjemmeside

Hey guyz...
This is my diary of my CPL trip... Enjoy it :)

I really enjoyed reading this diary.

You are the master old man..Thanks a lot..


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[+35] Honorary Member

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Skrevet - 15 Dec 2001 :  17:36:04  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked
No worries mate

We rock your world

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[+35] Honorary Member

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Skrevet - 16 Dec 2001 :  18:17:04  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked
I forgot another tip ...

If you climb up a ladder (while being crouched because all of you have read AND ARE USING my previous tips) shoot your gun once or twice.. This will mask ANY sound the ladder makes..
This is especially effective is your using a silenced gun....

Adios Muchachos...

We rock your world

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