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Skrevet - 09 Feb 2002 :  17:37:11  Vis profil  Send [*DRUNK*]GRAVEFILLER en ICQ besked

This is your friendly neighbourhood beer-dealer again....
I've been away from the server too long :(
I miss killing all you overaged fossils from times when people still pooped in a small house outside the mainhouse :)

I intend to play a lot more on the server once :

I get a normal ISP (which should be in 2 months, my work is paying for it but I need to establish a good reputation first).
I get some new hardware.
I get some more time, and for Spiff .. YES I started wwith work :)

Speaking about Spiff... He actually thought that I didn't visit the server anymore because I hated him after I saw him at CPL....
I can hear you think now ... Rednecks are wierd... And you're right.. Rednecks ARE weird. Why in f0cks name would I not wanna play with Spiffay or someone else from 35 for that matter :)
I just can't cus of crappy ISP service :(

Well anywayz... I wanted to congratulate you guyz with your growing number of members and I'm looking forward to seeing all your ugly asses at the DISA-lan. Let's also not forget your upcoming birthday !!!

We rock your world

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