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Skrevet - 20 Nov 2001 :  18:42:21  Vis profil  Bes�g spiff's hjemmeside  Send spiff en ICQ besked
I've got the upgrade bug.......I was saying i wasn't going to upgrade til I got DSL.... But was wondering if ANYTHING would help If i'm using a 56k modem. I've got a PIII 600 coppermine. Would it improve anything to go to a 1.4 Amd? have a geforce with

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Skrevet - 20 Nov 2001 :  18:52:17  Vis profil  Bes�g Renegade's hjemmeside
I dont thing soo, I played for a long time with a 600 MHz and TNT2, and now have 1.33 AMD and GF3. The only thing that are changed is the look of maps and skins, it looks more nice, but the gameplay is the same.
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Skrevet - 21 Nov 2001 :  19:46:20  Vis profil  Bes�g Lecaf's hjemmeside
I agree with rene
keep your config as is for the moment
in January you can consider upgrading to athlon XP or P4....
if prices are right.

A Gforce II even with 32 megs seems ok

If you buy a good mother board later on, consider too creating a ra
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